Hiring an Ace WordPress Development Company For Your Business Website

The business arena is changing at a fast pace. Gone are the days when business was all about files, contracts and in-house meetings. Today, businesses have gone online to initiate a better communication with their target audience. With the widespread acceptance of the online business trend, the need of owning a personal web space has also increased. This has brought more and more business owners to knock the doors of website development firms for developing an effective web presence for them. Dedicated WordPress Developer The web development trend has picked up and numerous websites are now streaming online, acting as the online emblem of businesses

Article Source: Since we started working with WordPress, back in 2007 we’ve learned a lot about the difference between a good WordPress development company and a bad one. To be honest, it all boils down to ‘you get what you pay for’, but just for shits & giggles, let’s review the 3 different WordPress development company types.

  1. Local Freelance Guy

Trying to Look Legit. This guy/gal usually means well, and probably knows a lot about WordPress. But he’s not equipped to call himself a company. But, he does anyway because that is what the SEO guru tells him to do, rank for keywords. So he optimizes his website for “WordPress Development Company” and starts pulling down leads. He/She closes a few, smaller projects and gains confidence. However, he is quickly overwhelmed and begins to fall behind. Customer service and communication channels break down and projects come to a screaming halt. Despite knowing a lot about WordPress, this person does not know much about running a company.

  1. Local Boutique Advertising Agency

No doubt there is one of these in almost every city. A team of 5-10 that all know code and design. They land a few clients and build websites on WordPress because of its effectiveness (not to mention it’s free). But they also tend to hide the fact that the site is powered by WordPress; instead they try to play it off like a proprietary CMS. This approach enables them to gain leverage over clients and allows them to hook people into service contracts that are ridiculously expensive. This type of company is no different than a traditional agency where you overpay and get billed for every little thing. Most of the time it’s founded by agency defects who were former account executives or mid-level programmers/designers who think they can charge the same prices as the big boys.

  1. The Real Deal, WordPress Development Company

A “real deal WordPress development company” is an inch-wide and mile-deep and can handle just about anything you throw at them. They have connections to the WordPress community and can gain access to answers more readily than most anyone else. They’re efficient, fair on pricing and solid communicators. They are able to set proper expectations and deliver on timelines. Most of all, they open up the world of WordPress and allow their clients to publish content in a free, effortless fashion that enables smart marketers to rapidly grow a business. You might spend a little more time finding a company like this, but it’s worth it if you can. The more efficient the company is that works on your site, the more efficient you can be in managing your business, effectively.

Jason Murphy is Partner and Co-founder of Gabster Media a a WordPress Development Agency that helps today’s connected brands leverage the WordPress platform to build a better website, blog or content publishing solution

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